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Be Aware. Be Alert. Be Secure

Eagles Hunters At a Glance

Leader in Professional Integrated Security Solutions.

VIP Protection

Our special task unit protects and guards VIPs and celebrities.

Our Training

Depth job training specifics along with emphasis on customer care and service hygiene and grooming.

Eagle Hunters At a Glance
Leader in Professional Integrated Security Solutions Provider with a unique combination of Professional team. Download Brochure

Welcome to Eagle Hunters

Eagle Hunters has flourished in India.UAE.Singapore.Doha since 1982 having a manpower in total of 25,000 and growing globally through a combination of Entrepreneurial Leadership, Courage and Vision. We have brought new business ideas into group to build a Vibrant, Modern and Safe Nation.

Today, we operate under six different areas.

Our other services are Guarding Services, Home Care, IT Solutions, Concierge Services, Valet Services, Building cleaning, Manpower on Demand, and VIP Protection Services...
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Mission and Vision

To be a quality driven, customer focused leader in services delivery. When dealing with Eagle Hunters you will see Quality and sense of Dedication. We value Spirit, Determination, Pride, Commitment, Passion and Integrity. Our Culture is Tangible force.

These values inspire the way we serve our Customers; who rely on Eagle Hunters Professionals...
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See Our Special Promotion

We deliver our based on Quality, not quantity, ensuring timely delivery of staff across with an emphasis on employees and customer satisfaction

Social Commitment

Security Awareness

Worldwide Recognition